PMU Machine – The Lite Pad


The Lite Pad is a small, compact PMU machine designed for those who perform procedures in a variety of different locations. Whilst the Lite Pad is easy to carry around, it is also powerful enough to create the best results.


Key Features:

  • The Lite Pad has a low vibration which makes the procedure smooth and allows the client to relax.
  • Features a lightweight handpiece with a dial assists to help with needle depth. This allows technicians to choose a safe depth to work with on the skin in order to prevent any post-procedure trauma.
  • Compatible with 10 different needles.
  • Features a powerful and robust Swiss engine.
  • Can be used to perform procedures on all areas of the face and body: eyebrows, eyeliner, areola repigmentation, hair regeneration and more.
  • Every package includes a free box of 1R – 0.4 Needles.
  • Extra needles from Cosmedic Supplies start at £35 for a box of ten.
  • Incredible value at £660 including VAT.
  • 12 months warranty